When They Come


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Suffer the consequences.
Vanessa learns that a vengeful and superstitious ex has killed himself and now suspects she may have had a hand in pushing him over the edge. As Vanessa gathers the sombre details, suspicion isn’t the only thing that begins to creep into her world. Filmed in a single, continuous shot, this film stares at the inevitability of consequences, and what happens when they come… Boasting a cast and crew whose credits include "Slasher", "The Boys", "Silent Hill: Revelation", "Resident Evil: Retribution", “Becky”, “See” and "Cursed Films", "When They Come" conjures a wealth of dark experience.

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Directed by Hunter Collins

Written by Hunter Collins

Production Company Hunter Collins

Produced by Jenny MacLauchlin
Hunter Collins

Cast Alyx Melone
Rob Pue


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