The Real World



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Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A short collection of documentaries and non-fiction films.


Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Who Killed Adele Komorowski?
A collection of detectives, journalists and friends of Adele Komorowski reflect on the mysteries surrounding her tragic death. Obsession, international politics, anti-feminism and serial killers all point to one conclusion about Adele’s tragic fate: maybe we’re asking the wrong questions.

The Magician

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
I knew that art had ruined me. What was worse? Art I didn't believe in.
The Magician is a short 'documentary' by director, Matthew Kaundart. The film follows retired-adult-film-star and author, Christopher Zeischegg, as he attempts the synthesis of art and black magick. An exploration of love, revenge, art-as-addiction, and the toxic pursuit of fame. The Magician is an explicit and lyrical journey, ambitious beyond its scope. The genre-defying film was produced by Luka Fisher, and features photos by Gina Canavan, and (re)enactments from queer artists, Sheree Rose, Kevin Killian, Nikki Darling, Peter Kalisch, Kayla Tange, and more.

It's Not For You

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Berlin based graffiti writer Daes has a permanent fixation with the freedom that can come from chaos. Follow along while he risks that same freedom he seeks to get up, while explaining his passion for the destructive art form.


Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
"Februarium really was the greatest holiday invented by drunken college kids, ever."
A group of twenty-somethings, coping with the sudden loss of a close friend, do the only thing that makes sense to them in their time of grief: they put on a play.

When You Are Wild

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A story of community, friendship, redemption and rock 'n roll.
When You Are Wild is a documentary that follows a day in the life of a rock icon who is virtually unknown outside his home state of Vermont. J. Willis Pratt is that icon. Homeless for close to a decade, Willis never gave up on his dream to be a famous rock star. In the 1980s, he befriended the members of the band Phish who were attending Goddard College in his hometown of Plainfield. This friendship led to the drummer of Phish, Jon Fishman, to help him with his dream by not only playing drums for him when he could, but also inviting him to open up for Phish in Albany in front of 20,000 people. Willis was never able to catch a break outside of Vermont, but when the word got around that he was diagnosed with cancer and he needed help, his fans and friends came out of the woodwork to support him as he headlined his own benefit show. When You Are Wild is a heart-felt music film that shows a community supporting one of its own when support is most needed.