Ninja Badass


1H 44MIN

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Kill bad guys. Save hot babes. Eat China buffet.
The Ninja VIP Super Club is doing a slow drag across the American Midwest, culminating in female sacrifice. When they kidnap a super hot babe that local scumbag Rex has his eyes on - it's up to him to become a ninja to steal her back from them. Then she can have his babies! Join Rex, his armless sensei, a badass ball ripper, a dragon, a gang of puppies, some detached feet, and a mean ninja motherfucker who trains by beating up cows for a fucked up experience that'll make you wanna eat egg rolls until you shit your pants.


Directed by Ryan Harrison

Written by Ryan Harrison

Production Company Fat Eagle

Produced by Ryan Harrison
Tami Harrison

Cast Ryan Harrison
Darrell Francis
Steven C. Rose
Tatiana Ortiz
Tami Harrison
Tara Harrison
Lec Zorn
Kelron Mixon
Paisley Blackburn
Elaine Gardner
Dan Holmes
Mitch Schlagel
Lisa Schnellbacher
James Banta
Steven Bodie
Dave Charles
Ron Condor
Audrey Gray
Craig Lemons
Karen Krantz
Jonathan Lowry
Larry E. Jones Jr.
Josef Daux Roberts
Eli Staton
Charlie Mancini
Robin Kay


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