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Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
international horror films
The finest Videodrunk has to offer from the World of Horror! These are films that will make you sweat, panic, and scream with their unique approaches to horror. WARNING: This selection contains extreme violence and sexual content

Betty June Gloom

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Betty June has been slighted one too many times and now she’s about to get what she paid for.
Betty June bought a spell online and she’s not very happy with the results. Now she's upset with customer service and there are sinister things afoot...

Wild Eyes

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
In a gloomy 2D animated world, the blind girl Kitana has to discover, that fulfilling her greatest desire demands a terrible sacrifice.
With a classic look and experimental perspectives, "Wild Eyes" takes us into the dark world of the blind girl Kitana. Through her eyes, we can see again and understand how big the sacrifice was. A 2d animated short about friendship and guilt.


Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A couple experiencing strange things at home try a new approach to communication.

In Your Eyes

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Stacy is a typical teenager, ignoring her stepmother Brittany and watching television late into the night, while the man in the television is watching a lot of Stacy too. When she disappears in the middle of the night, Brittany's maternal instincts will be tested against unknowable forces. A showcase for the filmmakers' budget practical and optical special effects, "In Your Eyes" was originally produced in two weeks for the Capital City Film Festival's 2019 Fortnight Film Contest. "Hooper/Spielberg's "Poltergeist" left a lasting terror in me from my childhood. Spice that with some modern Creepypasta, a Cronenberg-ian body aesthetic, and a family drama based on my history of telling female-based stories in film, and the result is 'In Your Eyes.'"

Serious Matters in the Middle of the Night

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A rideshare driver in the near-future traffics digitized-empathy drugs to her passengers.
It’s the near-future in a Southern American city. Far below the flying cars, a rideshare driver traffics electronic, empathy drugs to her passengers. When a new variety of the drug comes her way, she falls into a subculture of digitized-faith junkies.

Pretty Bonnets

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A Fairytale for Nowadays
Once apon a time, nowadays, in a world where public services are collapsing from cuts, baby-wear couturier Christine has sold her home to open But when burglars break-in and the police won’t come. Christine has no choice. She has to go down and stop them!

Livin' After Midnight

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Some people can't get anything right, even murder.
In a basement in Van Nuys, two psychotics struggle to dispose of a young woman that they have recently drugged and kidnapped. As the night progressives, the tables start to turn and the intelligence of both psychotics come into question.

Cold Blooded

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Mutation with a new appetite.
Cold Blooded follows the titillating tale of a scorned amateur herpetologist who enacts a twisted revenge on her deadbeat guitarist ex. Despite worst intentions, the plan backfires and instead leads to the rise of Rex Komodo, a reptilian rock god with big hair and an even bigger appetite for blood.

Karaoke Night

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
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It was the night of their lives
Two sleazy tourists have the night of their lives at a Karaoke bar in the Azores.