Millions of Dead Canadians



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Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
horror from the north
In this collection you will find only the finest in Canadian horror! Canada has had a long history of producing impressive works of horror and these films do a good job continuing the tradition! WARNING: This selection contains violence and sexual content

Raw Milk

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A Hardboiled Story About Unboiled Milk
Raw Milk is a surreal thriller about a slacker who hunts for unpasteurized milk to cure her brother’s allergies. Her search through the muddy farms around Greater Vancouver sucks her into a deadly dairy conspiracy. Recasting the noir tropes of the “paranoid thriller” to Drone Metal and legal weed, Raw Milk pokes fun at the all too real high stakes of unpasteurized dairy in Canada.

Hard Ground

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
In the dead of the Canadian winter, a pair of bumbling drug addicts struggle to dispose of a (rather large) corpse.
After a car accident in the dead of the Canadian winter, a pair of unhinged drug-addicts must dispose of a (​rather large​) corpse. Running on late-night TV, and a head full of drugs, May and Dickie run a gamut of half-baked attempts at getting rid of the evidence.

The Clog

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
It's gonna get hairy.
Fiona prepares for date night while dealing with something her old roommate left behind.

Nico Lives

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Every Kingdom Needs A Queen
As local drag star Nico Lavender reigns as Queen of the Forbidden City, her competition plots to pull the pageant and strip her title. Devastated by her defeat, Nico seeks revenge on all those who never truly appreciated her art. Envisioned as the perverse lovechild of Kenneth Anger and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nico Lives serves as a queer fever dream for outsiders of the midnight cult.


Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A pianist struggles to finish a song when visited by a stranger.


Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A therapist tries a new controversial experimental therapy on her patient in order to help him gain control over his destructive desires.