It'll End in Tears



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Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
fun fun fun fun fun fun cry
From the delightful world of comedy comes tears, of both joy and sadness. WARNING: This selection contains violence and sexual content

The Millionaire's Burger

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
You Can't Afford to Not Eat It
Paula and Nathan just wanted a quick lunch at a local diner but they end up getting much more than they could possibly afford: A specialty item for a particular class of customers.

Black Jeans WHOA

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Men have conflict over pants.


Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Cat Daddy feels completely betrayed when his cat, Charles Lickens, runs away...
Cat Daddy feels completely betrayed when his cat, Charles Lickens, runs away. Naturally, the only solution is suicide. “It’s meow or never…”


Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Little power implies little responsibility.
Little power implies little responsibility... Rachid is a solitary character who is often the object of mockery of all kinds. But he has a special power ... and he will prove it! English and French closed captions available

Isolation Art - Recreating Masterpieces

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
Isolation Art - Recreating Masterpieces
Inspired by the dutch instagram account „Tussenkunstenquarantaine“ Katharina Dietl started her art project on March, 20th, when she began her self-isolation. She recreated a piece of art - mostly paintings - every day with only things she could find in her little apartment in Berlin. In the beginning she did this all by herself - until she got her „team“ in. The Film was created, shot and edited during self-isolation in the Corona Pandemic in April/early May 2020.

Til Life Do Us Part

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
In this dark comedy, two geriatric friends make a suicide pact spite the world and end it all before a disease does; until one chooses life.
Barnaby and Timothy are a match made in the grave. One is a miserable misanthrope and the other a paranoid hypochondriac; together they are 70-year-old best friends who make a suicide pact to spite the world and end it all before a disease does. When Timothy unexpectedly chooses life, Barnaby accuses him of betraying the sacred suicide pact, corrupting their friendship into a struggle for the ground they walk on or the dirt underneath it. Will death win over life?

Little Smokies

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
What's eating you?
Little Smokies is the sensitive story of one man's descent into food-fearing madness.

Garage Sale

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
In a future where 'cool' is a commodity, Lillip will do anything to get hers back.
In a futuristic New York City where 'cool' has become a commodity, Lillip's stock is stolen by a gang of fellow hipsapiens, and she must sneak into their twisted reality to get it back.

See the Animal

Availability ended 12/6/2020 EDT
A dejected assistant to two rowdy magicians craves a fresh start, but struggles to get away from the darker side of the show
Jack is an audience posing stooge in a magic show run by his long time friends, Declan and Seamus. Jack wants a fresh start away from their reckless behaviour and Declan’s constant abuse on stage for laughs. Held back by loyalty and calculated persuasion by Seamus, Jack stays, but as the tension between the men grows Declan’s demeanour worsens. He spikes Jack with a hallucinogenic before a performance in yet another attempt to humiliate, which poses a risk during one of their riskier sword tricks.