Half of the Way

Availability ended 11/23/2021 EDT
Buckle in for a thrill ride as an emerging musical trio struggles to find meaning in a soulless desert of fame and fortune.
Following in his mother’s footsteps, Frankie and his band mates Drew and Erika seek fame and fortune in the world of Rock n Roll. After their high school graduation they take a road trip through the desert and at each new location they get bigger and better musical opportunities. They hit their big break when they meet David Bluesteel at his club and suddenly all the fame goes to Frankie’s head. Things turn to a boiling point when they run into car troubles and this group of friends must find a way to reconcile or lose the band.

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Directed by Cristian Caetano

Written by Cristian Caetano
Jack Tait

Produced by Amori Van Heerden

Cast Shanice Bowrin
Jenna Katz
Christian Potenza
Benoit Elias Roberge
Stephanie Yelovich


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